Foie Gras

foie gras

|fwä ˈgrä|
the liver of a specially fattened goose or duck prepared as food.

Deeply Interesting

By the first paragraph, I figured this would be deeply interesting.

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden

NBN is a Pig

Connect to a Better Future says the NBN Co official website. Better than what? The shitty, narrowband speeds we enjoy in Australia today? Sure, but better than shitty isn’t enough is it?

Google has announced new fibre networks of 1000 Mbps.

Ever since Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) was announced, my major criticism of it is that it’s too slow. I’ve always said that it’s too slow by an order of magnitude. Today, that statement went from speculation to fact.

In The US, Google has announced new fibre networks of 1000 Mbps. That’s right, 1Gps. That’s 10 times (or 1 order of magnitude) faster than what we are promised.

The NBN is a pig.

Australia is in danger of simply being left behind in the coming years. We will be the school kid who is falling behind in class because their parents would not buy them an iPad or whatever it is that all the other kids are using in class.

Fast broadband has the potential to fuel growth and drive improvements to local economies, businesses and homes, bringing new opportunities to the whole country.

True, but that’s not what we’re getting. 100Mbps is on par with where The US was some years ago.

Fast broadband can do more than fuel growth, it would allow us to develop technologies that we simply cannot even imagine today. If we have spare bandwidth, we will find innovative ways to fill it. With 100Mbps, we’ll not do anything special at all.

We lost a golden opportunity with the NBN. We could have spent the roughly 40 billion dollars on developing some innovative technology that could deliver super fast internet to any geographical location without the need for digging holes to lay cables. An ambitious technology like that could have been sold to the rest of the world.

Instead, we’ll all be wondering why we didn’t quite get the 100Mbps that we were originally promised while the rest of the world is talking in Gbps.

Choosing a Watch

Today Apple starts accepting orders for the new Apple Watch. Which one should I get? There are about 38 different permutations of Apple Watch so there’s some choosing to do.

Which watch would Luke Skywalker have?

In thinking about it for a while I came up with an approach that might help me:

Which watch would Luke Skywalker have?

Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker

Stainless steel, definitely. Although in Skywalker’s world it would be some metal alloy more advanced than even Jonny Ive could create.

We started with an alloy known for its durability and corrosion resistance. Then we made it even stronger. Through a specialized cold-forging process, it becomes up to 80 percent harder.

Now, which band? If there were a band made of twine or canvas, Skywalker would have it. But there isn’t, so back to choosing. Would he go for leather? Probably, but I think the leather bands Apple offers are a little too fancy and not nearly utilitarian enough. Rubber would be too soft and the Star Wars material of Plasteel would be too rigid.

I think Skywalker would go with the stainless steel link bracelet (or the Star Wars equivalent advanced alloy).

Stainless Steel Link Bracelet
Stainless Steel Link Bracelet

While we’re at it, what would Princess Leia wear? I think gold would be a bit too fancy for a princess of the Rebel Alliance and in any case, gold would be far too soft. The Star Wars version of stainless steel would again be the choice I think. But she would go for a band that was a little more elegant.

Stainless Steel Brown Modern Buckle
Stainless Steel Brown Modern Buckle

Then there’s the Han Solo model:

Stainless Steel Black Sport Band
Stainless Steel Black Sport Band

Typeface Mechanics 001

Typeface Mechanics 001 at Frere Jones.

FutMed Overlay 5a
FutMed Overlay 5a

It’s a certain kind of geek that enjoys typography at that level. Some of us might enjoy it at the level of “oh, that looks nice”, but Frere Jones’ article goes deep into the how of “oh that looks nice”.

Yeah That'll Work Out

Obama to arm Ukraine to defend against Russia.

Yeah that’s gonna help. It could actually end up being a major disaster. It’s not like the US has a good track record on resolving conflicts or ending conflicts smoothly in the last bunch of decades or so.

It's Still Tony Abbott

Aparently it’s still Tony Abbott

Just a few minutes ago, I saw the news that the LNP leadership spill was defeated 61 to 39.

I’m surprised. It’s not what I predicted. However, I don’t think this will be the last of it. I’m sure this will come up again before the next federal election.

The news article finsihes with:

But even some of the Prime Minister’s most ardent supporters now believe he is mortally wounded and cannot survive the year.

22 Soccer Fans Killed in Riot

22 Soccer Fans Killed in Riot

The three major problems this world faces:

  • Religion
  • Soccer Fans
  • Baz Luhrmann

So, Who's it Gonna Be?

I predict tomorrow morning we will have a new Prime Minister. LNP and Tony Abbott got voted in because Labor were a disfunctional bunch of megalomaniacs (K Rudd, etc). Tony Abbott doesn’t have the class of past Prime Ministers. Not that we’ve seen any class in recent years – the last Prime Minister to be cut from any kinds of classy cloth was Little Johnny Howard.

There’s only one person in contemporary Australian politics who I think stands out as being of the material to be a great Prime Minister. A Prime Minister of the class or calibre of Paul Keating, Bob Hawke, Malcolm Fraser, Gough Whitlam, Harold Holt, Robert Menzies, John Curtin.

He will, tomorrow, be Australia’s new Prime Minister.

So, who’s it gonna be?

Malcolm Turnbull.